On June 17, 1897, the organizational meeting for the Lima Christian and Missionary Alliance was held in the home of Adam and Anna Neiswander, 760 South Broadway Avenue, Lima, Oh. In those early difficult years a small band of dedicated men and women met in various locations, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes two offerings had to be taken in one service to collect enough money for coal so that their store front mission would have heat the next Sunday. 

Adam and Anna Neiswander

Permanent facilities became a reality in 1917 with the purchase of a small white church which was moved from a South Main Street property to the lot at 529 South Elizabeth Street.  On this site nine years later (1926), a brick sanctuary and basement were built.  During the depression of the 1930's, The Gospel Tabernacle of the Christian and Missionary Alliance faced foreclosure but by the providence of God, it was spared. 

The Gospel Tabernacle of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, 1926

Precious and exciting were the 1940's as the congregation grew rapidly. Continued growth marked the 1950's when the Alliance Church became the largest evangelical church in the Lima area.  Completion of a three-story annex in 1956 more than  doubled the classroom space. Other properties surrounding the church were acquired for additional off-street parking.

The vision of mothering a church for the Shawnee area came into fruition during the 1960's.  The Lima constituency, in 1964-1965, provided substantial monetary gifts as well as thirty-two of its members while helping to build and nurture the Shawnee Alliance Church.

In the early 1970's, efforts were made to purchase land for relocation. Through many fervent prayers and generous gifts, choice acreage was obtained on North Cable Road in 1973 and 1974.  A dream was realized on Nov. 28, 1976, when Cable Road Alliance Church was dedicated.  God's miracle had just begun.  During the late 1970's to the present, an influx of new persons and new ideas has added new zeal and new spiritual depth to a growing, loving church family.

 Another milestone was reached February 23, 1997, when the Family Life Center was dedicated.  It provided much needed classrooms, restrooms and office space, along with a new kitchen and gymnasium. 

Cable Road Alliance Church 2001 - present

In January 2010 we began a renovation project which included the goal of retiring the mortgage on the Family Life Center. The Mortgage was retired in June and the physical renovation got underway in July.  Over the next few years we hope to refresh our facilities so that they can continue to be a place that draws people into God’s presence and welcomes them into a loving environment.   From our humble beginning in 1897 until now, thousands have been impacted by the truth of the Gospel which brings hope, healing, restoration, and purpose to every part of life.  It is, indeed, a glorious heritage on which our future church is being built. 

Past Leaders

1897-1917  Roy C. Arnold

1917-1919  Miss Isabelle Marvin

1919-1920  Rev. Robert Moon

1920-1929  Rev. Isaac H. Patterson

1929-1935  Rev. R, K. Mills

1935-1942  Rev. John Hazlett

1942-1949  Rev. Claude M. Richards

1949-1955  S. F. Porter

1955-1964  Dr.    John Nussbaum

1964-1967  Rev. P. H. Courlas, Sr.

1967-1970  Rev. Robert Waggoner

1970-1977  Rev. Robert P. Turner

1978-1984  Rev.W. Keith McKnight

1984-2001  Rev. Richard D. Jueckstock

2001-2012  Rev. Ron Jones

2012- Present Pastor Mike Boyes