We are a church made up of ordinary people.  We are young and old, parents and kids, singles and couples, teachers and students, medical professionals and patients, engineers and handymen, farmers and down-towners. We are ordinary people who worship an extraordinary God!  He is a God who takes our disappointments and weaknesses, bad choices and hurts, and uses these things—the ordinary and often times painful things—to design a purpose for each of us that is beyond anything we could imagine!   

We have a long history—over 110 years—of being a church within the denominational movement known as The Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Our techniques and tools have changed, along with our names and addresses; but our purpose has never changed:  We are an expression of the Body of Christ, and our aim is to know Christ and pursue His purposes in every aspect of life.

If you are yearning to make friends and experience community, or if you want to reconnect with your spiritual roots (or put down roots!), or simply want to know more about Christ and what it means to follow Him, then we believe there’s  a place for you at Cable Road Alliance Church.  Welcome!