The Care Ministry of Cable Road Alliance provides physical, emotional and spiritual support to the Cable Road family as well as our community with biblical encouragement, counseling, and prayer support, as well as instructive support for baptism, Christian marriage, and child dedications. We desire to show Christ to others in the way that we care for each other. We recognize that lifestyles, life stages, and circumstances alter the health and well-being of individuals, so we want to offer a support system that meets those needs.

If you are a person in need and you call or visit our church office, then the Care Ministry seeks to establish an initial connection. We offer a listening ear and prayer support, followed by resources that will educate and provide you with support for special life circumstances. Below are descriptions of some of the services we provide. If you have questions, or are in need of support from the care ministry in any of the following aspects, please contact the office at 419.331.550.


Our pastors and lay shepherds meet with individuals to pray for a variety of needs such as: broken relationships, financial, physical and other needs. You are invited to request prayer at any time you wish through our online pray request form, email, phone call, etc. All prayers are responded to through the power of corporate prayer.


The care team at Cable Road is dedicated to corresponding with members and friends, who may be sick, shut-in or grieving, experiencing an unexpected emergency, or in a crisis situation. This generally includes visitation, cards, notes, and phone calls.


Our Pastors are available to provide pre-marital, marital or crisis counseling to couples or individuals of our congregation. If extended counseling is requested or needed, they will refer you to professional services.

Christian Marriage

Christian Marriage is a divine institution between a man and woman, that is to be entered into with great reverence and forethought. Premarital counseling is required of all couples married in our church, which our pastors are available to provide if they are ordaining the service.


Baptism is an outward symbol of the spiritual birth that has occurred in the life of the true followers of Jesus Christ. We baptize by immersion, since this is the method practiced in the Bible. We schedule baptisms as interest is expressed, and provide the baptism class for all participants.

Infant Dedication

This dedication ceremony is a public promise of the parents to the Lord to raise their children in a home where Scriptural principles are lived and taught, so that their children may also come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We also schedule child dedications as interest is expressed.

Church Library

 Visit our library where you will find books, CD’s and other helpful material that will assist you in your spiritual growth and issues you may be facing in your life.