About Beulah Beach

As a ministry of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, amid the demands of the frantic pace of today's world, Beulah Beach Camp and Retreat Center has been a place of rest, relaxation, & spiritual renewal for guests since 1921. They are open all year round running summer camps, family camps,conferences, church events, Beulah on the Road, and even personal retreats for families and individuals. Their mission statement is "engaging guests to encounter Jesus Christ." They work together tirelessly to make sure that each person has an experience with God while in their care. Their is no wonder why our church continues to support the ministry and send our kids back each summer for camp!

Beulah at Cable Road

Every year we encourage our kids to attend Beulah summer camps and the local Beulah On The Road camp at our sister church, Shawnee Alliance. We strive to make sure that every kid has the opportunity to experience one of these camps. A big way we do this is by financial support through vouchers. Kids must memorize bible verse throughout the year and say them to a leader in order to earn vouchers! Verses are listed below by age range. If you have questions, contact us!

Beulah Verses 11& under 

Beulah Verses Middle School

Beulah On The Road Verses

Beulah Verses High School