Worship is God’s gift of grace through His Son Jesus Christ to us, before it is our response to Him. Worship is a continuous outpouring, a humble, glad response to our Lord, giving worth to Him. We express worship not just through music, but also in many other ways, such as prayer, scriptural reading, drama, fellowship and teaching. Worship is how we respond to the God of the universe in reverence and adoration.  In Worship Ministries, it is our desire and goal to serve the Lord and our church with excellence by how we plan, support and participate in worship services and other events. On a weekly basis, a team of musicians leads music in the Sunday church service.  There are other opportunities throughout the year for special musical events, using both vocal and instrumental musicians. 

The Worship Ministries Teams at Cable Road Alliance Church include adults and students of middle school age and above.  There are many areas to get involved. Teams are organized into three groups: Platform Teams, Tech Teams and Creative Teams.  The Platform Teams consist of musicians, vocalists, the Youth Worship Team and the Praise Choir. The Tech Teams include sound and lighting techs and multimedia operators. The Creative Teams include people who help design and prepare creative elements for our worship services, such as videos and other visual media, drama pieces and set design.