We strive to serve God through passionate God honoring music. We love to use our gifts of music that God has given us to praise Him. There is no limit to what instruments we try to incorporate on the Platform Team. God loves all instruments, so we praise Him as best we can with these instruments. We have several areas for you to use your gifts to minister to others. 

Youth Worship Team

Although youth are more than welcome to be a part of our Sunday morning worship team, we encourage them to build a foundation through our Youth Worship Team, which will build them towards the skills and the commitment levels needed to actively be a part of the Sunday Service. They will have the opportunity to be a vital part of our events and ministries and gain experience and leadership skills through working with the worship team.

Musicians/ Vocalists

Just like all instruments are welcome, all people are welcome. Younger, older, men, women, traditional, or contemporary, we want you to be a part of these teams! We delight in bringing diverse people together because we all can learn and grow from each other’s styles and talents!

Praise Choir

The Cable Road Praise choir is a group of diverse people that joins the worship team to support and bring depth to the music set, as well as bring encouragement to the congregation with their high energy and passion for worshiping the Lord.