Tech Teams work "behind the scenes" to support worship services and events. Creative Teams use their skills and talents to design creative elements that we use in our services. Sometimes members of these teams are directly involved in presenting their work during services (especially true for the drama team.)

Sound and Lighting Techs

These are the people who operate the sound and lighting boards during worship services and events. 

Media Techs

These people are a visual worship team, presenting the various graphics, song lyrics, and other visual elements that are on the screens before, during and after worship services and events.

Creative Design Team

This group works with the pastor and other leaders to design creative elements that are used in worship services.

Video and Visual Media Teams

These teams design and create video, photo and visual media projects that are used throughout the church (including online).

Set Design Team

This is the team that designs and implements stage and set pieces, props, etc. in support of worship services. 

Drama Team

This team prepares and presents various types of dramatic elements in the service.